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Abuse Quiz

1. You often cry or are very sad.

2. If your partner texts or calls you, you must call him/her back right away.

3. He/she told you he/she loved you early in the relationship.

4. He/she is jealous if you look or speak casually with another person of the opposite sex.

5. He/she accuses you of behavior you don't actually do.

6. He/she is aggressive in other areas of his/her life; puts his/her fist through a wall or closet, bangs his/her fist to make a point, or throws things when angry.

7. He/she frequently roughhouses or play-wrestles with you.

8. He/she makes excuses for his/her poor behavior or says it's your fault.

9. He/she has a "tragic" home life; he/she was physically or verbally abused, and/or one or both parents are alcoholics or use drugs.

10. He/she threatens to kill him/her self if you leave them. drinks or uses drugs.

11. You used to be more outgoing and involved with your friends, family, or outside activities.

12. He/she frequently gives you "advice" about your choice of friends, clothes, hairstyle, etc.

13. He/she calls you demeaning names, then laughs and tells you s/he was only kidding or that you are too sensitive.

14. You have become secretive or started lying to your parents since you began dating your partner.

15. You have to explain yourself to your partner or often say that you're sorry.

16. Your partner makes most of the decisions.

17. He/she makes you afraid by giving intimidating looks or gestures.

18. Your partner doesn't take your concerns or opinions seriously.

19. He/she drinks or uses drugs.

If you or someone you know answered yes to one or more of these questions, call

(386) 437-3505

to speak with an advocate today.