24 Hour Crisis Helpline (386) 437-3505  (Voice/TDD/TTY)

Sexual Violence Services

24-Hour Helpline

A 24-hour, seven day a week telephone HELPLINE operated by the agency to provide immediate telephone crisis intervention services, which are available and accessible to all primary and secondary victims of sexual violence within Flagler County.

Information and Referral

A response to requests or presenting need for information or assistance related to sexual violence available and accessible 24 hours a day in person or by phone.

Crisis Intervention

A timely response by a trained staff member or volunteer to an individual presenting a crisis related to sexual violence; in person during business hours or after hours by phone.


In-person personal support and/or assistance in accessing sexual violence related services and acting on behalf of and in support of victims of sexual violence.


Responding to emergency medical/forensic services and law enforcement interviews on a 24-hour basis, ensuring that victims’ interests are represented and their rights upheld.

Community Awareness

Informing the general public about sexual violence and available programs and services for victims.

System Coordination

Coordination of the service system entails the development of working relationships and agreements (formal and informal) among programs and providers with a role in the array of sexual violence service provision in order to ensure a victim’s access to the full array of both core and enhanced services.

Supportive Services: Support Groups / Personal Growth Groups

Regular facilitated meetings of victims and/or secondary victims of sexual violence with a supportive and/or educational focus.


A professional relationship within a theoretical framework that involves a specified helper gathering, organizing and evaluating information and using techniques to address the effects of sexual violence.

Prevention / Risk Reduction Education

Promoting attitudes, behaviors and social conditions that will reduce and ultimately eliminate factors that cause or contribute to sexual violence.

Medical Intervention

Provide for the availability of the medical and/or forensic evaluation of both currently reporting and non-reporting victims of sexual violence on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis.